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Trust Shamrock HVAC Services for Commercial Installation and Repair in Maryland

Nothing is more important than the comfort of your employees, clients, and customers. Guests and staff alike depend on you, as a business owner or manager, to keep your building in good working order.


This means ensuring quality climate control no matter what the weather in Maryland decides to do that day – from freezing temps to high humidity in the scorching heat.


Make your life a little easier, and help business run a little smoother, by partnering with a trusted commercial HVAC Maryland – Shamrock HVAC Services. Our commercial heating and cooling services are focused on providing you with the services you need, when you need them.


This means we have streamlined our commercial HVAC repairs and installations to meet your schedule, your budget, and your needs. Our trusted professionals come ready to work, with proven solutions that are easy to implement. Combine that with our preventive maintenance contracts and our construction knowledge, and you have one company you can trust for all your HVAC needs.


Contact Shamrock HVAC Services  today to discuss our commercial HVAC repair and installation services and invest in a partner that will serve your business for life.

What Our Commercial HVAC Company in Maryland Offers

So what all are we experienced with at Shamrock HVAC Services? Everything heating and cooling, from small businesses to larger companies.


We handle furnaces, boilers, AC units, HVAC installations, repairs, replacements, troubleshooting name-brand appliances, and preventive maintenance plans. We even have construction experience, so we are able to help you create space and work on brand new builds without hiring out to another company.


It’s not just what we offer, but our reputation that goes along with it. Clients trust our Maryland commercial HVAC contractors because we’ve proven to be reliable, dependable, on time, affordable, and show up when it’s urgent.


We take your business needs seriously, and that’s why it’s a partnership you can count on for years.

Explore Our Commercial Heating and Cooling Services in Maryland

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AC Unit Repairs and Installations

AC units are the backbone of your company’s comfort once the Maryland heat hits. We are equipped to handle AC repairs and installations of every major name brand.

Our commercial AC repairs extend to rooftop units, complex units, and urgent repairs. Give us a call to discuss your AC unit and we’ll make a plan to put in place right away.

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Heating Repairs and Installations

Problem with your heating? Shamrock Commercial HVAC Repairs can help you out. We handle boilers, furnaces, ducts, forced air systems, filters, ventilation, and more.

Contact us today to discuss the heating issues your business is experiencing and we will set up an appointment.

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Furnace Repairs and Installations

At Shamrock HVAC Services, our Commercial HVAC Crew are experienced with commercial-sized furnace repairs and installations.

If your furnace is malfunctioning or you are in need of a replacement, contact us to discuss the issue and schedule an appointment to get the problem fixed ASAP – there’s no need to bundle up to make it through the winter, we have you covered.

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Total HVAC Replacements and Repairs

Commercial HVAC repairs are our bread and butter. We handle complex systems, split systems, temperature-controlled units, and so much more.

We have the hands-on experience you need in order to get fast, efficient results. We can provide total replacements or repairs.

Furnace Repairs and Installations

Indoor Air Quality

Increase the comfort of your indoor facility by making indoor air quality a priority. Commercial HVAC Services isn’t just about repairs and installations – it’s about the quality and comfort.

Consult with our experts on the filters you’re using, the ventilation system in place, and how you can improve the indoor air quality for all of your patrons.

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Construction Services

We don’t stop at Commercial HVAC Repairs and Installations – our HVAC crew is equipped with general construction knowledge and preconstruction techniques.

So you can consult with us on everything from project concept to final completion. We have 50 years of experience implementing proven solutions, finalizing details, and completing thorough follow-through.

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Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Stop spending money on unexpected repairs – enroll in our Preventive Maintenance Program for your commercial HVAC unit.

We offer a complete maintenance program that is customized to meet the needs of your facility and budget. Every business is unique, so we conduct a site visit to survey your entire mechanical system to give you a thorough assessment with recommendations.

This prevents urgent and costly repairs, saves on energy consumption, extends the life of your unit, and ensures comfort all year long at a discounted price.

Make the Smart Investment with Shamrock Commercial HVAC Company in Maryland

Don’t leave the repair and maintenance of your commercial HVAC unit to chance. Shamrock HVAC Services has the experience, knowledge, and reputation to provide you with reliable service, no matter what issue you are facing.


We take pride in being the go-to Maryland Commercial HVAC for many businesses throughout Maryland. Plus, we work with you to go above and beyond, meaning we consider air quality, construction services, and offer preventive maintenance plans that save you money while providing reliable comfort.

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