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Shamrock HVAC Services in Anne Arundel is Your Trusted HVAC Company


Since 1965, Shamrock HVAC Company has been providing professional HVAC services in Anne Arundel County and all throughout Maryland. Our focus is on professional, expert HVAC services that help with year-round indoor climate control.


We work with homes and businesses to provide air quality services, furnace repairs, humidifier installations, AC replacements, and more. Get it all with one company you can trust.


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Complete HVAC Services in Anne Arundel County

Shamrock HVAC Company provides well rounded HVAC services in Anne Arundel County that every home and business can benefit from. We focus on heating and cooling services that help maintain consistent climate control, optimal humidifier maintenance, heating and cooling checks, HVAC construction, and more.


Our focus is on affordable HVAC repairs that you can afford when you need them. No waiting, no delays, and no up charging for extra services. Get honest answers and reliable feedback from our HVAC experts. Stop putting off your HVAC maintenance and get trusted repairs today from Shamrock HVAC Services in Anne Arundel County.

Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance and Repairs:

Commercial HVAC Maintenance in Anne Arundel County

Are you worried about your business’s HVAC system? Don’t fret about unexpected repairs or failures when you need your unit working the most. We offer maintenance contract plans for businesses in Anne Arundel County and throughout Maryland for your HVAC system.


With reliable commercial HVAC maintenance in Anne Arundel, you don’t need to worry about heating failures, AC repairs, or emergency shut-offs. Regular HVAC maintenance helps fix issues before they break and can help maintain better unit efficiency. This helps with company comfort, morale, and energy bills.


Get a quote today on an HVAC maintenance contract for your company and stop worrying about the weather and focus on productivity instead. Your unit is our business, let us handle that.

Residential HVAC Repairs in Anne Arundel County

Our complete HVAC repairs in Anne Arundel County include AC repairs, furnace repairs, and general HVAC repairs for any season. We even handle thermostat replacements and new unit recommendations.


Our expert technicians review the most common points of failure to assess and determine the problem with your HVAC unit. With over 40 years of experience, we can pinpoint even the most complex repairs and have them handled quickly.


When the weather moves in with extreme snow or an unstopping heat wave, don’t let your HVAC unit crack under the pressure. Call Shamrock HVAC Services in Anne Arundel County for trusted HVAC repairs.


If you’re worried about your HVAC unit before something breaks, contact us for a $90 heating and cooling check to get ahead of common breaks and keep your unit running longer and at lower energy costs. A win-win.

What to Expect from Our HVAC Services in Anne Arundel County

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose an HVAC company?
You want to review an HVAC company’s reviews, services, and credentials. Be sure they are ensured and have experience working with units like yours.


What HVAC services are most important?
HVAC repairs and maintenance are the most important HVAC services. You want to ensure your unit is operating correctly and as efficiently as possible. This helps extend the lifespan of your unit and keeps energy costs low.


How much does it cost to repair an HVAC system?
HVAC repairs in Anne Arundel County can vary in cost based on the system, the failure, and how emergent the repair may be. We will help keep costs low by recommending the best replacement or repair to save you money.


What are the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance?
Regular HVAC maintenance in Anne Arundel County can help reduce energy bills, extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, and avoid unexpected repairs. You can save money with regular HVAC maintenance vs calling for emergency repairs and replacements.

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