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When was the last time you thought about your indoor air quality? Was it recently?


Most homeowners don’t realize that their indoor air quality is actually poor and causing harmful side effects to their health. Think about how much better you feel when you go outside, when you replace your air filter, or when you get a thorough cleaning and dusting done – it’s not a coincidence, it’s a sign your indoor air isn’t as high-quality as it should be.


Breathe better with better indoor air quality experts from Shamrock HVAC Services. We can help you diagnose the primary cause of the poor air quality and help recommend services to fix it.


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Why Invest in Indoor Air Quality?

How Do You Know You Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

The signs of poor indoor air quality aren’t always obvious. You may think it’s natural to have itchy eyes and a sore throat until you step outside; perhaps your asthma always feels bad, and you don’t realize it’s the dust in your home; and while headaches have many causes, air quality can be one of them.


To determine if you need indoor air quality services in Maryland to help improve how you breath and feel better in your home, check out these common symptoms of poor indoor air quality and ask yourself – do these symptoms alleviate when you step outside or are away from home for a period of time?

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

So why might your home be in need of indoor air quality services in Maryland? There are a few reasons this happens.


The most common reason homeowners seek out affordable indoor air quality solutions in Maryland is because their home is newer and built with air-tight seals – while this is important for keeping out moisture and retaining climate control, this also traps particles, dust, and other air pollutants.


Everyday activities put air pollutants into the air that stay in your home: cooking, dusting, using spray cleaners or deodorants, walking through carpets, tracking in outdoor particles, and more. This is why it feels better to walk outside – the fresh air is clear of those pollutants that have been stacking in your home during the colder months and more humid seasons.

What Contributes to Poor Indoor Quality:

How Our Maryland Indoor Air Quality Testing Can Help

If any of these symptoms sound familiar or if you know you are exposed to a lot of the causes of indoor air pollution, don’t worry! Our HVAC company in Maryland is employed by a crew of indoor air quality experts in Maryland who can help you out.


Our $90 Heating and Cooling Check is a great place to begin – ensure you have a quality model that uses high-end filters and we check to ensure the filters are clean and working properly. We want you to have the best HVAC system that protects your home’s indoor air quality in Dayton while providing reliable climate control.

Most Common Solutions for Better Indoor Air Quality in Maryland

Do you replace your air filter regularly? Ensuring your HVAC system’s air filter is replaced regularly ensures that you are removing old impurities and allowing new ones to be trapped.
Bad ductwork can lead to poor ventilation and may release particles that harm your indoor air. One of the best ways to improve indoor air quality in Dayton is to inspect your ductwork.
Humidity can cause pollutants like mold or mildew to grow and, in general, can trap the causes of poor air quality; set your humidity level to your family’s preference to maintain normal levels that prevent these issues.
If you’re not interested in a whole-house air filtration system, you can improve your indoor air quality in Dayton with a singular air purifier for various rooms or living areas.
We know this isn’t the solution you want, but frequent dusting will collect the mites that make asthma and breathing problems worse, alleviating those symptoms.
Exchange stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air. The benefit of whole-house ventilation to improve indoor air quality is that this also allows your HVAC system to run smoother and more efficiently.
A whole-house air purifier attaches to your existing central air system to provide improved indoor air quality solutions. It uses either a high-efficiency HEPA air filter or UV light to remove impurities. This also allows you to stop using candles and air fresheners, which release pollutants into your air.

Get Affordable Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Maryland from Shamrock HVAC Services

Don’t let indoor air quality fall low on your priority list. Maryland seasons are unforgiving, serving up harsh winters and even hotter summers that require sealed windows for proper climate control.

We will help ensure your HVAC system is operating smoothly and we’ll recommend the best solutions to improve your indoor air quality so you can breathe better. With more families working from home, you want to ensure you’re breathing the best.

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