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Maryland winters are full of plummeting temperatures, unpredictable snowstorms, and a deluge of freezing rain that slips in unnoticed overnight. As early as September and as late as April, Maryland weather leaves homeowners unsure if they are setting their A/C or kicking on the furnace.


Never be caught in cold weather without a functional, reliable furnace in Maryland again. Shamrock HVAC Services provides complete heating services, including furnace repair, for homes and businesses, so warmth will never be a battle, even when the weather outside says otherwise.


Take care of business and enjoy your home with Shamrock Furnace Repair in Maryland.

Affordable Furnace Repair in Maryland

Shamrock HVAC Services offers furnace repairs in Maryland and surrounding counties and is a trusted local name. We’ve been providing reliable furnace repairs for years, responding fast, arriving on time, and suggesting affordable heating repair services in Dayton, Maryland that make homeowners happy.


It doesn’t have to be expensive to get local furnace repairs in Maryland nor do you need to worry about getting bad service. Shamrock HVAC Services is reliable, trusted, and 5-star rated by real customers like you. Talk to us today to feel confident and get your heat back on ASAP.

We Troubleshoot and Provide Local Furnace Repairs Including:

Signs You Need Maryland Furnace Repair

A malfunctioning heater doesn’t always mean your house is cold or the furnace has stopped working altogether. Your furnace will show signs of wear and tear before a total shutdown happens.


Knowing what signs to look for can help you stop paying more in energy bills and have a more reliable furnace in the months when you really need it. If you notice any of the following issues with your heating system, give our Maryland Furnace Repair Company a call so we can troubleshoot your problem and offer an affordable, reliable solution.


Winter is not the time to get caught unexpectedly with a broken furnace. Troubleshoot today for a warmer tomorrow!

Why Work With Our Furnace Repair Company in Maryland

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3 Simple Furnace Repairs You Can Check Today!

Ready to call us but not sure what the problem is? Do you want to be confident this wasn’t a simple fix you couldn’t have done yourself? Here’s our quick furnace repair checklist to consult if you want to diagnose the problem before you give us a call.


Most often, something simple is the problem and can be fixed with a quick check by the homeowner. These fixes aren’t always so obvious though, unless you know what you’re looking for. If you’re not sure what you’re looking at or you want to be confident there isn’t a bigger issue with your furnace, give us a call!


As always, Shamrock HVAC Services is here for you and we will never upcharge you or recommend services you don’t need. Call us today if you’re ready to have a professional furnace repair company in Maryland come out and handle the problem so you can get back to being warm.

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Check Your Thermostat!

Digital thermostats may need to have the batteries replaced, the setting may be incorrect, and if it is pre-set, check the time and date is accurate.

These small problems may be stopping your thermostat from communicating with your furnace, keeping your heat off.

If you have a smart thermostat like Nest or any other home-smart system, troubleshoot the system before assuming the problem lies with the furnace. There may be a miscommunication between the home device and your furnace.

breaker Dayton

Did Your Breaker Switch Flip?

Bad weather or new appliances can cause breaker switches to flip. If you are comfortable checking your breaker box, it’s always a good idea to be sure your furnace is still properly connected and receiving power.

Not comfortable handling the breaker box? That’s okay, we’ve got you covered! We’ll ensure your furnace is receiving power as part of our furnace repair services.


When Did You Last Change Your Air Filter?

Believe it or not, a clogged air filter can be the reason your house isn’t warming up.

Clogged filters require the furnace to work harder, burning out the unit or making your utility bills climb. Check the air filter if you suspect furnace issues, because this may be your fix.

Yes, Reliable Local Furnace Repairs in Maryland are Near You

We offer furnace repairs in Maryland throughout several counties and parts of DC and Northern Virginia. Contact us if you need furnace repairs in any of the following Maryland counties and we will schedule your furnace repair service!

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