$90 Heating & Cooling Check in Maryland

Make sure you are prepared for anything mother nature throws at you! Shamrock HVAC Services offers Heating AND Cooling checks for only $90!

As we all know, the weather tends to throw us curveballs. The weather can change in an instant and you need to be prepared. Contact us today for a $90 Heating and Cooling check in Maryland! We can’t wait to hear from you!

What You Get

With your $90 Heating and Cooling System check, we will send one of our 5-Star Technician’s to your home to inspect your home’s heating AND cooling system to make sure you are prepared whatever mother nature throws at you!


Still not sold??  Here are some more benefits of our service:

  • Increasing the efficiency of your system
  • Decreasing energy bills
  • Spotting small problems before they turn into costly repairs
  • Recommended by equipment manufacturers
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    $90 Heating & Cooling Check Dayton, MD