Cooling Comfort: How to Prepare Your HVAC for Spring

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After a cold and long winter, spring weather has finally arrived. The days are getting warmer, the windows are opening up, and you can finally pack away those winter jackets. As you look ahead to spring weather and start making your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget to include your HVAC unit.


Switching your HVAC unit from heating to cooling is as easy as flipping a switch – but that doesn’t mean your unit is going to pump out cool air efficiently without some maintenance. If you’re looking to improve your HVAC efficiency this spring, our Spring HVAC Maintenance Checklist is exactly what you need.


Our pros walk you through simple HVAC maintenance tips to help your home cool comfortably this spring for less money. Get the most home comfort at the lowest cost when you prepare your HVAC for spring.

How to Prepare Your HVAC for Spring

Clear Debris Away from the Outdoor Unit

Over winter, leaves, debris, branches, and more accumulate near your HVAC unit. As you go through your spring cleaning, make sure to include spring HVAC maintenance that leaves your HVAC unit outside free and clear. By removing debris that’s built up over winter, your HVAC unit can run more efficiently without overworking and driving up your energy bills.

Clean Your Air Ducts

The top item on your spring HVAC maintenance checklist needs to be cleaning out your air ducts. Home air ducts collect smoke, allergens, dust, and more. These odors and debris collect inside the ducts, clogging them and circulating poor indoor air quality. By removing this build-up, you can circulate cleaner air faster and more efficiently. This improves home comfort, reduces the effects of allergies, and lowers your energy bills.

Replace Your Home Air Filter

To prepare your HVAC for spring, don’t forget to also replace your home indoor air filter. You should be replacing your air filter at least once a season, or every 3 months. This helps circulate cleaner air at a faster, more efficient rate. Just like cleaning dust out of air ducts helps with cool air comfort, replacing your air filter gives your home another boost of fresh air and helps improve indoor air quality

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Conduct a Thorough HVAC Inspection

Spring HVAC maintenance isn’t just about cleaning away dust and debris that collected over the winter. While you’re raking back leaves and having dust removed from the air ducts, you want to inspect your HVAC unit for any damages. 


Over winter, the stress of the cold weather can wear away your HVAC parts. Check all parts of your HVAC unit for cracks, leaks, or damages. If you’re not sure, schedule a $90 heating and cooling check in Maryland from Shamrock HVAC Services, so you’re prepared for spring weather.

Upgrade Your Home Thermostat

Okay, this one isn’t needed as much as the others, but if you’re wondering how to prepare your HVAC for spring, upgrading your thermostat is a top item to add to your list. Smart and programable thermostats help regulate your indoor climate control. 


By setting the temperature to a schedule (cool at night, warm in the morning, low during the day) you can set it and forget. Some smart thermostats can even be adjusted directly from your smart phone and can detect when optimal energy savings times are throughout the day. This will lower your energy bills and lead to the best home climate control.

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Schedule Your Annual HVAC Maintenance

As a homeowner, there are only so many ways you can inspect, repair, and prepare your HVAC for spring. Getting in touch with a professional HVAC company before spring and summer allows a thorough and professional inspection. 


local HVAC company can help ensure your unit is running properly, there are no damages, and it’s working energy efficiently. Annual maintenance right before spring is the best way to check for winter damages and get ready for the warmer weather. 

Time to Start Your HVAC Maintenance Today

These HVAC maintenance tips should help you get ready for switching from cold air to warmer weather. With a cleaner unit, fresh air ducts, and a smart thermostat, your home will be more comfortable than the year before. 


You can count on predictable climate controls that don’t break the bank and a longer-lasting HVAC unit. With seasons as unpredictable as Maryland’s, don’t leave your HVAC maintenance to the last minute. Prepare your HVAC for spring today.

Spring HVAC Maintenance FAQ

How can I prepare my HVAC for spring?

To prepare your HVAC for spring, be sure you change your home air filter, clean your air ducts, and clear away any debris from the outside unit. Check for any damages and set your smart thermostat for spring weather.


Can I do HVAC maintenance myself?

While there are many tasks homeowners can do to prepare their HVAC for spring, calling a professional HVAC company is one of the best ways to ensure your HVAC is working correctly. HVAC professionals can inspect, maintain, and advise on how your unit is doing. This helps lower energy bills and improve home indoor comfort year round.


How often should I change my home air filter?

You want to change your home air filter at least every 3 months. We recommend changing your air filter at the start of each season. This will prepare your HVAC for spring with fresher air and fewer allergens circulating in your home.