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Don’t let the heat rule your household. AC Repair in Dayton and surrounding counties is only one click away.


Our AC repair company near you is experienced, affordable, and 5-star rated. Our crew here at Shamrock Service Company is focused on ensuring you get the best AC services at the best price for value.


We don’t let you down, we promise fast, efficient, reliable AC repair that protects you from the unpredictable Dayton heat, for both homes and businesses.

Heating & Cooling Check

Benefits of AC Maintenance and AC Repair Services in Dayton, MD

There are many reasons why you need AC repair in Dayton– high humidity despite an otherwise functioning AC unit, a malfunctioning thermostat, decreased airflow, increased energy bills, and more.


You may not know technically why or how your AC unit is failing, but if you notice an odor, noises, warmer temperatures, or any other discrepancies with how your AC normally runs, let us know! Our AC repair company can send someone out to inspect your unit and get you summer-ready.


Here are some of the most common ways to tell your AC unit needs to be repaired: 

Contact our local AC repair company in Dayton for AC repair services so you can have:

Better Energy Efficiency
Lower Energy Bills
Cleaner Indoor Air
Quieter AC Function

Cooler air is the goal of any AC repair service – everyone knows the humidity is bad enough and if you add on top of it high July heat, it can make your home or office very uncomfortable.


AC Repair in Dayton is not just about repairing your AC unit to pump out cooler air – it also lowers energy bills, improves energy efficiency, and can expand your air conditioner’s lifespan.


Shamrock Service Company is proud to offer a $90 Heating and Cooling Check so you can know before the heat hits if your air conditioner unit needs AC repair services. This puts you ahead of any breakdowns, maintains the lifespan, ensures a properly functioning unit, and keeps you cool and comfortable.

Affordable AC Repairs Instead of Costly Replacements
Cool and Comfort All Summer Long
Extended Air Conditioner Lifespan

What If My AC Unit Can’t Be Repaired?

Shamrock HVAC Services will do everything we can to repair your AC unit and extend its lifespan. However, some AC units we service have reached their lifespan, are too costly to repair vs a new air conditioner installation or the benefits of a new AC installation outweigh the repair costs and diminished value of AC repair.

Our AC repair company in Dayton does offer affordable AC installation for homes and businesses. We will always consult with you on your air conditioner service options and we will review the pros, cons, costs, benefits, and economic value of a new AC unit vs your current AC unit.

Why Work With Our Maryland AC Repair Services

We’re local, we’re familiar, and we’re knowledgeable. Working with our AC Repair Company in Dayton is like inviting a trusted neighbor into your home.

Our years of experience allow us to prepare your home for extreme Dayton heat, we offer only reliable AC repair services and solutions, we value our reputation and therefore offer high-quality products, and we don’t upsell.


Call us today to discuss your AC unit issue and we’ll let you know how our Dayton AC Repair Company can help. It’s that simple!

Affordable AC repair in Dayton

Residential AC Repair

Shamrock Service Company proudly offers affordable AC repair in Dayton for homeowners and residential properties. Don’t be uncomfortable in your own home during the humid, hot months.

Check-in with us for an AC inspection or schedule an AC repair service if you know something is amiss. Our mission is comfortable, cool relaxing indoors all year round – so don’t wait for the heat to hit, beat the heat instead.

Ac Installation Companies In Dayton

Commercial AC Repair

Our Dayton AC Repair Company also works on commercial properties, businesses, and more!

A properly functioning AC unit is vital for employee comfort, client satisfaction, and proper equipment maintenance. It’s not just your visitors who are uncomfortable if the humidity rises or the temperature climbs, but many business operations rely on cool air to prevent overheating and malfunctions.

If you’ve noticed a change in temperature, rising energy costs, or an ability to beat the humidity, give Shamrock Service Company a call for commercial AC repair services in Dayton.

Our Air Conditioner Repair Services in Dayton Are Available in a County Near You!

Yes, we service various counties throughout Dayton, including DC and parts of Northern Virginia!

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