Frosty Mornings, Warm Home: 5 Efficiency HVAC Tips for Winter

Frosty Mornings, Warm Home: 5 Efficiency HVAC Tips for Winter

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Winter in Maryland can be brutal, even without the snow. Temperatures drop, wind is heavy, and ice and rain combine for a very murky and cold season. While you don’t always have to go outside and brave the weather, you want your home to be warm, comfortable, and a haven from the outside weather.

To stay energy efficient this winter, we’ve put together 5 easy HVAC tips for winter to maximize home comfort without sacrificing your energy bills. Follow along to stay ahead of maintenance, improve heating efficiency, and reduce HVAC wear and tear that could compromise your home’s comfort this season.

With a little TLC, you can have a comfier home that spares your HVAC’s lifespan and still lowers energy bills.

Easy Tips for HVAC Efficiency this Winter: Keep Your Home Warm

1. Seal Drafty Windows and Air Leaks

To help preserve your HVAC unit this winter, you want to ensure your unit does not need to work harder than necessary. To do so, focus on reducing drafty windows or any areas with air leaks within the home. This can include old windows, exterior doors, vent gaps, and more.

By finding and sealing all air leaks within your home, you’re reducing the amount of cold air that is getting in and the warm air that is getting out. This will prevent your HVAC unit from having to constantly run or cycle on and off to keep up with the fluctuating airflow.

While sealing air leaks is important around all windows and doors, focus first on areas around your thermostat that may trigger the temperature change and around any heating vents to help allow the hot air to be distributed properly throughout the home.

2. Close Doors to Unused Rooms

To help conserve the energy of your HVAC unit in winter and keep your home warm, close doors to any unused rooms while heating your home. By closing doors to unused offices, bedrooms, or bathrooms during different parts of the day, you will help restrict the amount of warm air being ushered out of usable rooms and into empty rooms.

A similar approach is to use smart thermostats for auto on and off throughout the day. Closing doors is another trick to help heat only the rooms you will use. This stops your HVAC unit from using energy to heat rooms you’re not in and instead pushes warm air into common areas or areas you’re most likely using. 

3. Keep Ventilation Sources Open and Clear

Don’t make your HVAC unit use more energy by restricting the airflow coming out of your home’s heating vents. Each day, be sure to make sure no toys, furniture, or any other clutter is restricting the flow of your vents. Blockages can stop warm air from heating your house and will raise your energy bills by requiring more heat to be pumped from further vents.

If possible, be sure to clear out your vents seasonally of any dirt, debris, or other clogs. Anything that restricts the airflow through your vents will require the HVAC to work harder to get around obstacles, putting strain on the unit and your energy bills. 

4. Stay On Top of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Once a year, have a professional HVAC contractor come out and inspect and maintain your current HVAC unit. By getting ahead of common problems and identifying weak areas, you can improve your HVAC system’s efficiency and life span.

Our Maryland professional HVAC company recommends homeowners have their HVAC unit maintained once before summer and once before winter to ensure you are seasonally prepared. This will help with inspecting common issues, correcting any problems, and setting you up for success with winter preparedness. 

5. Have a Back-Up Heating Source

No matter what, to stay warm this winter, always have a backup heating source prepared and allocated for use. This can be a propane heater, electric heater, or fireplace. By having a secondary heating method available, you can alleviate the strain on your HVAC unit before suffering a catastrophic break. This allows flexibility and continued warmth all winter long, no matter what you’re up against. 

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Get Your HVAC Serviced Today for Better Energy Efficiency

If winter is getting the best of you, contact Shamrock HVAC Services today. We can help service your HVAC unit, repair your furnace, or replace your heating unit ASAP if you’re suffering from a lack of inefficient heating.

We’re skilled in identifying common problems and will make sure your home is back to warm comfort with minimal effort. Talk to us today to begin and get a $90 heating and cooling check you can count on. Invest today in warmer days with lower costs.